Saturday, February 2, 2008

Get well soon Britney!

Good news to those who want to help save Britney...

Early this week, Britney was finally given the help that she needs when she was taken by an ambulance with swarms of policemen (and tailing paparazzis) to be treated for allegedly attempting to commit suicide.

Moreover, Britney's parents (who are divorced by the way), at last joined forces to help their daughter. Hail--Jamie Spear's (Brit's dad) was named her conservator and Osama Lufti (her scumbag manager con friend) was given a restraining order!

Lynne Spears (Brit's mom) intends to bring Brit home to Louisiana once she is released from the hospital. Lynne believes that Brit will never recover in LA.

As for me, my prayers are for Britney =)

Photo credit: Sony BMG

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