Saturday, February 27, 2010

Sariling Pagsusuri ng Suso (Self Breast Exam)

Nurse and youth volunteer of Family Planning Organization of the Philippines - Bulacan Chapter Jam Talag shares the basic process of conducting a self breast exam. The audio is in Filipino.

Monday, February 8, 2010

A Deeper Intimacy

Samantha Jones may now be vintage. And so is her whole shebang of having "sex like a man."

In Love, Sex ... and Respect, an article published at the Westender, Queenslands' leading online newspaper, recent findings from the Durex Sexual Well-being Global Survey entitled "Knowledge and Education" revealed that there is a call for "a greater focus on the emotional side of sex, which may include love, respect and the shared enjoyment of giving pleasure to one’s partner."

Amazingly, this result came from a foreign country, and is shared by 25 other countries, of which "liberated" America is included. Aside from this, a majority (63%) of males surveyed plea for a more holistic sex education.

When taken constructively, the result of this survey can help augment the so-called moral crisis that many, including the Filipino youth, are in. Furthermore, it can help lessen the transmittal sexually-related diseases.

Of course, this is an issue, which is subject to a careful evaluation by both health experts and moral advisers.

Local Source: The Philippine Star 07.Feb.2010 B-12

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