Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Sacredness of Life

A painting exhibit for the benefit of the the Family Planning Organization of the Philippines, the Breast and Cervical Cancer Research for Women and Unicef.

Features the works of Dr. Nannete Yatco, Julius Legaspi, Dr. Rolando Talag, Ernie Garcia, Mian Sta. Cruz, Antonio Pelobello, Lorenz Yatco and Ms. Puchette Escano.

Cocktails on July 17, 6 pm, at the FPOP Office, Hemady Street, New Manila, Quezon City.

Exhibit runs from July 17 to August 4, 2009.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Meet the Brazilian (Waxing) v.2

Updated from: Meet the Brazilian (2007)

This is beyond fashionably late for summer. But for reasons other than bikini bottoms, I am posting an updated version of one of the most viewed entries in my old Blogspot, Life in High Heels and Miniskirts.

A few days ago, some friends have approached me for advice on Brazilian waxing. It was then that I thought about excavating Meet the Brazilian. I figured it needs a lot of updating and so here goes Meet the Brazilian version 2.

I remember how different things were about six or seven years ago. Products and services were fewer compared to the smorgasbord that now greets us in every salon. Women were also more uptight. So with society being as judgmental as always, back then, Brazilian waxing was a sure taboo.

These days, more and more women seem to have loosened up that society has to fast forward itself when it comes to aesthetics. Why am I even surprised that Lay Bare waxing salons are popping out of every part of Metro Manila like mushrooms?

My first encounter with Brazilian waxing was not at all easy. I may have given birth via normal spontaneous delivery but still, the mere thought of exposing myself to another person gives me the jitters.

Aside from that, the whole process was excruciatingly painful for me. Take note that taking Ponstan an hour before the procedure is the only means to feel less pain. Unlike in giving birth, there are no anesthesias that numb the senses nor sedatives that will make one just sleep through the entire process.

I'll charge my courage to sheer vanity. I made it through an entire hour of waxing and plucking with a bit of screaming only because I had a clear scenario in mind: I had to wear a white bikini to the beach in three days. God knows how unforgiving people could be when it comes to gross imperfections.

My reason shifted to hygiene when I realized that keeping myself bald down there made wiping after urinating easier. I was also less prone to itching and infection.

From then on, I booked myself for a Brazilian every 2 to 3 (or even up to 6) months. Hair can grow in just three weeks but the growth is slow and the hair, soft. Shaving, although painless and easy, definitely cannot match the comfort of maintaining a Brazilian. Besides, I have already gotten used to the pain.

Here are some tips and trivia for those who would like to try getting a Brazilian for the first time:
  1. Shy of "opening up" to the aesthetician? Just think of her as someone who's pretty much like a gynecologist. As a pro, seeing naked women is a part of her daily routine. She's probably seen hundreds. So...
  2. if thinking about self-waxing instead, I'm afraid it's not possible.
  3. Trim the hair to about 1-2 cms. It lessens the pain.
  4. Taking Ponstan or Advil an hour before the appointment is an advice I'd heard and read about but never actually came to try. (Do watch out if you have allergies.)
  5. Brazilian waxing ranges from Php 450 to 1,000, depending on the procedure and the salon. Cold wax (honey wax) is the cheapest.
  6. Men can also avail of the service.
  7. Contrary to popular belief among the “virgins,” it doesn't take a single peel to remove all the hair down there. It takes a lot, if not a couple!
  8. Waxing ladies normally begin at the area near the navel and ends at the part near the anus.
  9. Sometimes, plucking is necessary to remove the remaining hair.
  10. Hot wax procedures are less painful than those that use cold wax, at least, in my experience.
  11. The best procedure is called clean and easy. Hot wax is spread on an area and removed – together with the hair – with a piece of cloth. This is the fastest, cleanest and easiest method I've ever tried. Opt for this if you prefer the one time, big time ouch. (Brazilian Bare at Rustan's Tower, Makati and Neo Spa at Fort use this procedure.)
  12. Never ever ask the waxing lady to stop after she has spread the wax. Cooled wax is harder to remove and there, you said it, more painful.
  13. Do bring stress balls or anything that can be grasped. Lay Bare's helped me stifle my screams.
  14. The salon should use disposables and put antiseptic cream / liquid on the area waxed after the procedure.
  15. Bring a feminine wash and an extra underwear just in case the salon does not have them.
  16. But do not wash your feminine area for at least 12 hours after the procedure. Moi, I make it overnight.
I shall post a review of Manila's waxing salons very soon.
In the meantime, happy waxing! :D