Press and Other Features

1. Project: Help Our Teens (HOT) Love

A. Press Release on Manila Bulletin Online

Available at

B. Press Release on Business Mirror Online and Print

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C. Dating Violence Toolkit on San Juan City's Balitang Pinaglabanan and city government website
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2. Vizconde Massacre Blogs

A. Acknowledgement by Fritz Webb at ANC Headstart

B. Blog screencap of Part I at TV5 Paparazzi

[Video removed from original You Tube address]

3. RA 9710 Magna Carta

A. Quoted at Conversations for a Better World, a global youth community, for the RA 9710 Magna Carta for Women Post (available in other languages)

4. Mulieris -- An Organization for Women at the Ateneo

A. Feature and citation as Mulieris' founder at The Guidon, the official English student publication of the Ateneo de Manila University

Organizing empowerment. The cause and struggles of campus-based women's organizations
(The Guidon, September 2005 -- Mulieris' second school year of existence)
B. Letter to the Editor published at The Guidon

Published on March 2004, a few months before the birth of Mulieris