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With this, World of Womanity shares the following papers, faculty-marked assignments (FMAs), and what-nots, serving as resources for those who would like to design and implement projects on causes concerning women. Consent to quote, cite, apply and/or improve is therefore automatically granted to all . . . BUT with one simple request in exchange: Please give due credit to World of Womanity. :-)

Hope you find them useful.

Resource # 1: Social Marketing for HIV Prevention (Part 1 of 4)

This Concept Note explores the relevance of designing and implementing a social marketing program for HIV prevention. Said program intends to sell the ABC Practice of Abstain, Be faithful, and Correct and Consistent use of Condoms as a means of eliminating casual and unsafe sex, thereby contributing to the elimination of HIV infections in the country.

This FMA is a requirement for the DEVC208: Social Marketing and Social Mobilization course under the University of the Philippines Open University Master of Development Communication Program.

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