Saturday, July 23, 2011

Signs You Might Become a Cougar

The past decade or so gave rise to the MILFs, as well as liberalized a collective fetish that's kept in repression. Thanks to that hit teen movie, American Pie, which popularized the abbreviation of "Mom, I'd Like to F---."

Essentially, it isn't just the MILFs. Older women in general seem to have gained their traction on a growing number of male species. On many occasions, it is these women who unabashedly prey on the younger males; hence, proliferating the cougar-cub relationship in our highly diverse dating jungle.

There are a number of definitions for cougar being offered by Urban Dictionary. Some say that cougars are women past their primes who are once again on the hunt for dates, often clad in overly skimpy outfits that are enhanced by padded bras and some cosmetic wonders. Yes, definitions can be downright offensive so let's just stick to the basics. Simply put, a cougar is an older woman, in her mid-30s to 50s, who prefer to date significantly younger men without the usual fuss 20-something women go about.

This is a classic line from the 1967 movie, The Graduate, which gives us an idea that cougars have long been in existence. It is only now, however, when they have become a bit more acceptable to society. We've learned to love Ashton and Demi whose ages differ by 15 years, and so do Susan Sarandon and Tim Robbins. Locally, we have sexy Eula Valdez dating young ramp model Rocky Salumbides, as well as the controversial couple, Dr. Vicky Belo and Hayden Kho. Of course, there are more cougars and cubs who would rather be nameless in this post. But one striking thing about the women I mentioned is that they are all independent and successful, which explains why they won't give a damn about the men they choose to date or go steady with.

Now, for those in their 20s and early 30s, you may be afraid of losing your own prey to an older, more experienced woman. I can't give you any advice other than for you to free yourself from the relationship B.S. 20-somethings usually give, if you're in such competition.

You might as well make a self-check: Are you on your way to becoming a cougar? Check out these top 3 signs:

1. You start noticing cute high school and college boys in clubs and cafes, aside from secretly liking one of the Jonas brothers. 

2. You prefer to go dutch on dates, and on countless occasions, feel the urge to foot the bill—perhaps, in exchange of a footsie under the table? 

3. Skilled men and men in uniforms start to catch your fancy.

Additionally, you might be owning a pair of animal print underwear, which you love to wear when you're feeling strong and sexy. RAWRRR!

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Sunday, July 3, 2011

A Reader's Feedback

As a blogger with the purpose of empowering women to make informed choices, I find it very fulfilling everytime someone approaches me to discuss the issues--no matter how mundane--I write about in this blog.

Last week, during a break at the ladies' room, a colleague in my now former workplace told me that she was considering getting a Brazilian wax. This was after reading one of the most-read posts in World of Womanity, Meet the Brazilian (Waxing) v.2. We went on to discuss the pros and cons of getting a Brazilian, and even compared it to widely-used alternatives like trimming and shaving. That both of us came from the same viewpoint is worth mentioning: Contrary to usual notions of 'bald' women, our practice of waxing or trimming or shaving is really all about maintaining good hygiene.

I find moments like this so liberating and empowering as a young woman. Cheers to us who break stereotypes! :-)