Thursday, April 10, 2008

Mad About Lashes 2: An Update

I found a very nice feature on lash enhancements over at Shopcrazy. Here's a salon and a product I'm just dying to try.

1. Grace Lagman Salon
...which has been doing lash extensions since the 70s. And for a ultra affordable price of P420(that's as of 2006)

2. Mikaela Growth Conditioner
... which is supposed to make the lashes fuller and longer.

Boo! I can't wait to know more about them. It's 8 AM pa lang in the office and so far nobody from Grace Lagman or Mikaela is answering the phone.

For the meantime,please click here to read the Shopcrazy article.

Lalalalala, time to prettify my lashes once again =p


I just talked to someone at Philosophy (by Mikaela) and found out more about the wonder product: Mikaela Growth Conditioner.

It's actually a lash treatment formula which can be applied to the lashes through it's mascara-like applicator.

I also found out that women have been swearing on these that's why they are now all out of stock :( New stocks will most likely arrive late this month. Price is something around 1,400 pesos per piece.

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