Thursday, October 8, 2009

It wasn't rape rape?

If it wasn't for my sister's prodding, I wouldn't have cared to write a retort to Whoopi Goldberg's sensational "It wasn't rape rape" statement regarding filmmaker Roman Polanski.

So what if he's an artist? So what if his past was rather tragic? And so what if his victim has already forgiven him?

It's simple: the guy was found guilty of breaking the law - read: he raped a 13-year old girl after drugging her when he was 40! To make it worse, he fled to escape prison.

And Whoopi would say that it wasn't rape rape? So what is it? Play rape? Rape play? Duh.

Pro-Polanski folks would say that his punishment is long overdue; that he's old and he's gone through much. He probably had suffered more outside of jail with the indelible stigma of his crime some 30 years ago. But this is going beyond Whoopi's statement.

Next issue please.

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