Saturday, February 19, 2011

A Prelude to the End

This is a quaint attempt at definitions.

You go to a party and meet a man who's demeanor you find appealing – that's attraction. He asks your number, calls you on your lunch breaks and sends you random text messages for the rest of the day. If you blush and get giddy all the time, then most likely, that's infatuation.

Fast forward to a few days, weeks or months, the two of you are seen together holding hands in the movies or gazing dreamily at each other at the far corner of a nearly empty resto. Well, if it ain't official yet, then you call that MU or “It's Complicated." A simple profession of love makes it official and gives you authority to update your Facebook status to “In a Relationship” right on the very next day.

Subsequently, it takes a grande profession to move on to the next level. Engagement. The big day makes the two of you married and ready to live in your own fairytale called “Happily Ever After...” Until one day, after having tried a many million times over, you realized that there couldn't be such thing.

What do you do?


  1. Hello Joyce!

    Observing the real-life day-to-day accounts in our society, I agree with you with certainty!

    That's the normal sequence: attraction-infatuation-engagement-marriage…and then eventually—"what do you do?" (separation).

    I see that's what naturally happens in real life. People forget (including me) or perhaps don't realize that some more important "steps" in the sequence are missing: love and commitment

    Infatuation is supposed to be transformed into LOVE, and then followed by another fortifying step—COMMITMENT. And then comes engagement, then marriage. During the married life, both LOVE and COMMITMENT are expected to be visited frequently by the couple.

    Because we normally forget those two middle and supposed to be RECURRING STEPS, we end up realizing "that there couldn't be such thing."

    …And then we ask ourselves, "What do I do now?"

    Thanks for your insight and for this blog, you are helping people realize what causes our pains.


  2. Hi Arnold! I didn't know you blog. I'll check it out. Those are very good insights, aside from those that I plan to use in the sequel. I'll post it once I have all my materials ready :p

  3. Hello Joyce! Did you know that you are one of those who inspired me to create my own blog? Well I know you didn't know that. Your questions in the FB prompted me to click some links. Those links dragged me to your blog.

    With that, an idea sparked in me, "What if I create my own, not like some sites that would drag visitors but rather a personal site where I can see my progress in articulating my own beliefs…a working space where I can explore my deepest thoughts in the process?"

    I still consider myself as a newbie in blogging. Noong December 2010 lang ako nag start.

    Thanks Joyce!
    God bless you!

  4. I'm browsing your blog now. You got insightful entries there. I feel extremely honored to have inspired you to put up your own blog. Your wonderful thoughts should indeed be shared. :-)