Sunday, July 3, 2011

A Reader's Feedback

As a blogger with the purpose of empowering women to make informed choices, I find it very fulfilling everytime someone approaches me to discuss the issues--no matter how mundane--I write about in this blog.

Last week, during a break at the ladies' room, a colleague in my now former workplace told me that she was considering getting a Brazilian wax. This was after reading one of the most-read posts in World of Womanity, Meet the Brazilian (Waxing) v.2. We went on to discuss the pros and cons of getting a Brazilian, and even compared it to widely-used alternatives like trimming and shaving. That both of us came from the same viewpoint is worth mentioning: Contrary to usual notions of 'bald' women, our practice of waxing or trimming or shaving is really all about maintaining good hygiene.

I find moments like this so liberating and empowering as a young woman. Cheers to us who break stereotypes! :-)

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