Tuesday, October 16, 2007

MEET THE BRAZILIAN--My Brave Encounters with Waxing Down There

As a woman, I am quite ordinary but unconventional. I have used tampons when everyone else thought it was a sin to use them. I am a single mother and I do not keep it a secret. And well, just recently, I got acquainted with the Brazilian.

Brazilian waxing may have gained popularity from bikini-clad models and beach demi-goddesses, however, there are still those who are not open to it. Women who have themselves waxed down there are labeled as wild, sexually-active and even perverted. While these labels may be true to some extent, still, I beg to disagree.

I had my first encounter with the Brazilian before I went to Boracay this summer. It was not because I was looking forward to one night stands and make out partners in the island paradise, but it was purely because I did not want any of my pubes to peep through my white bikini. Though I considered shaving and trimming, I still went for the excruciatingly painful process of Brazilian waxing. And the reason? I tried shaving before but I got bumps and cuts and it became so itchy when the hair grew once again.

I was supposed to have it done with a friend. However, since I just left my job then, I hardly had time to leave home. And so, I went to the nearest mall and had my first Brazilian waxing alone at Let’s Face It. I was asked to wash myself first. Then I went back to the private room and laid down with my eyes wide shut! The process at Let’s Face It was very hygienic. Everything was sanitized and they used disposables. The lady trimmed my hair first then okay, the waxing began. Starting at the uppermost part of me, she spread hot wax and then peeled them by hand as soon as the wax cooled. Since it was extremely painful, she told me that I can still opt for the classic bikini waxing. However, I did not go for it since it forfeits my purpose. There will still be pubes that may peep through my bikini. Since I made that decision, well, there’s no turning back. The whole waxing came with so many “ahhs,” “ouches,” and whatnots but the good thing was I survived them after about an hour. I felt so brave and happy after shelling out 600 something bucks for the waxing.

By the way, a tip for first timers, never ever delay the peeling once the wax has been spread. Otherwise, it’s going to cause you more pain that may be quite unbearable.

My next encounter was at Neo Spa in the Fort. It was more expensive at around a thousand bucks. But I was so happy with the ambiance and the service that I did not mind it all. Since it was a spa, I was able to shower first. I was given a disposable panty so I felt even more hygienic. I got a back massage and afterwards, the waxing began. It was more bearable this time. But still, I let out around 15 variations of screams—some of them sounded so weird. The lady who worked on me was really good. She used the clean and easy wax procedure—one where she had to use a cloth to peel the wax off with the hair. It could’ve been less painful and less stressful if I did not make the hair grow so much. Well, that’s another lesson learned.

Learning well from previous experience, I decided to have myself waxed at Lay Bare at the 5th level of Rustan’s Tower in Makati. It was just a small salon and I was surprised that they did not have a washroom. I had to make a wild dash to the nearby washroom and good thing was I bring a bottle of feminine wash with me all the time. They were less hygienic. They did not even spray or wipe sanitizer on me before they started. But everything else was disposable and I was quite happy because the process took only around 30 minutes without any “ahhs” nor “ouches.” And I must say that the waxing covered more parts that the other two so I am pretty much more hairless. I paid P755 but I am not so sure about coming back because of the fact that they did not have any wash area.

Based from my Brazilian experience, I have learned that the first time really do hurt. If you wish to maintain it, less hair means less pain. So trim or book yourself another appointment while there is not much hair yet.

I am quite obsessed about being hairless since I find it more hygienic. It’s easy to wipe myself clean after peeing at a public washroom and I am less susceptible to feminine itching. It’s quite a thrill too. You know, like having a secret which nobody else knows. While some may do it because their boyfriends or husbands like it, I do it for hygiene.

To each her own. Or as my good friend Rachelle says, your body, your rules.


  1. hi! i have to say that your article on this really inspired me to go bare...i'm still building up all the courage though...want to ask, how many days before hitting the beach do you suggest a girl like us get the brazilian? thanks so much!

  2. Hey, thanks. For a first-timer, I suggest you get the big B at least 2 days before your trip.

    Just don't wash it on the same day you got your Brazilian para hindi mag-swell.

    Don't worry, it's not as scary as you think it is. Also take Ponstan (or any pain-killers) an hour before your sched. Just make sure you're not allergic to it.

    GOOD LUCK! Tell me if you made it =D

  3. hi der!! your article is really good..it gave me a clearer view of bikini waxing.especially how its done in the salon...i've been thinking about it several nights already..i just don't have any idea where i can find services like this, and if it is safe..
    i wanna try it because i want to feel comfortable, better and sexier.. for hygienic reasons too..
    while browsing the net, i read in some articles that they had pimples after waxing..did you experience that too?how many weeks before the hair grows again?
    im dropped by your blog..i learned a lot..your right its like having a secret..a very nice secret..tnx for the info..!!c",)

  4. Thanks Orange.

    Nope, I did not experience having pimples after waxing. I do not know what could have possibly been the reason for those women's pimples...down there. But I guess you have to follow the salon's post-waxing instructions. Lalo na not to wash it overnight.

    Normally the hair starts to grow after a week of two. But growth actually slows down when you wax frquently.

    Good luck and hope you choose the right salon :)

  5. hello there!!tnx for responding to my quesions...pero meron pa ko tanong..hehe..hope u hev d patience..is the skin smooth after the session?i mean did u have chicken skin like the bumps when u pluck?what are ur suggested do's and dont's before or after the session?im planning to try it in Let's Face It.is it a good choice?thank you so much for your time..

    finally i found somebody who has all the right to answer my questions..c",)

  6. Hi ORANGE!

    You're most welcome to post your questions on anything women-related. The purpose of this blog is to enlighten women :)

    Nope, I never got any goosebumps. In fact, the skin becomes so smooth, you feel like you're a baby again :)

    The DOs and DONTs before will have to be:
    1. Trim your pubes (it will help lessen the pain, promise)
    2. Wash it (usually the salon has a wash area)
    3. Bring an extra undie, which you will use after the session
    4. Some say, it helps to take Ponstan or other painkillers an hour before (your call... as long as you don't have allergies)
    5. Don't drink coffee and be relaxed :)
    6. Don't say stop or rest while the wax has just been spread. It will be super painful to remove hardened wax.

    The DOs and DONTs after:
    1. DON'T wash your vaginal area overnight (anyway, an antiseptic will be wiped after)
    2. Don't scratch or touch or whatever
    3. Do use clean underwear.

    I can't think of any na. Basta, just relax and think that you can make it.

    Usually, in the middle of the process you feel like giving up but don;t. Remember, you're not alone :)

  7. woah!!!you're really nice..tnx a lot for that cool info...yesterday i went to lets face it, i only asked if bikini waxing is available (SM Dasma)...
    well, i'll tell you the news when its all done..im kinda scared..but i'll do it...huhuhu..bye bye...

  8. Hello po~ I read this article just now and I like how you elaborated the process :')
    I just wanted to know if there's any age restrictions? I'm 17 and I'm planning to have a Brazilian Wax in the next two weeks or so. Same reason as well, for hygiene~
    But, I have a small stature making me look like 15.. so even if I am 17, I doubt they'd let me in.

    1. Hi dear. Sorry for the late reply. I do not think age is an issue. Is it?