Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Filipina Writing Contest EB

My first EB. Ever.

The experience was fun: a yummy buffet, a lechon (that I was craving for a few days before), lotsss of cool prizes and most of all, lots of friendly, unassuming, down-to-earth people. I was lucky to have known Ms. Janet Toral and the rest of my seatmates at the LUCKY TABLE--Betsy, Jehzeel (tama ba?!), Aiza, Arbet (Loggins) and Mar. (Guys, if ever you find this post, please correct me if I got your names wrong.) Guess what? I won a $25-worth GC from =)

I'll be posting the links to the winning entries as soon as someone posts them.

L is for Lucky!


  1. it was nice meeting you there. ;) btw, you got my name wrong :)

  2. Yeah! lucky table! Im so lucky that Mam Janette asked me to sit on that table and interrupt Jehzeel and Betsy's conversation.

    Nice meeting you! And for a first-timer, you did well.

  3. To marhgil:

    Hi Mar. Yup, sorry. I'm changing it now.

    To arbet :

    Thanks Arbet. Nice meeting you too =)

  4. The Lucky Table peeps! Woot! Sarap ng lechon, pramis.

    Pahiram picture, I'll post it on my site :D

  5. Hi Aiza!

    Yup, sarap nga pero nahilo ako coz puro balat kinuha ko.

    No problemo! Copy mo na our pic. See you soon!

  6. tamang tama po :P hehehehe ^__^

    nice meeting yoOOoouu.. hehe ^_^

  7. Hallo!
    as usual ako nanaman nahuli sa pagcocomment... pati blog ko la pa update :P hehehhe. nice meeting you peeps.


  8. haha, oo nga Betsy! :)

  9. Congratulations from! Hope you enjoy the Gift Certificate :-)