Friday, May 29, 2009

About This Blog

It's still quite a challenge to be a woman.

We might have broken through glass ceilings and earned our well-deserved recognition in most societies. However, many issues continue to plague us.

There's the big gender divide when it comes to relationships. Stereotypes. Double standard. Cervical cancer. Breast lumps. Osteoporosis. Lower back aches. Feminine itching. Solo parenthood.

Moving on to the lighter stuff, women have to make decisions on seemingly superficial but nonetheless crucial matters. Like, what dress to wear, what sunblock to use, hot wax or cold wax, and the list goes on.

As one can see, being a woman is to be both a Jack and a Jill of all trades. It requires us a great deal of awareness. It takes a no-frills appreciation of the self to beget respect. Most importantly, it asks us to look after the others.

This blog is made out of an effort to organize a clutter of ideas that has accumulated over the past years. This aims to empower women and at the same time, give valuable pieces of information to men.

Happy reading!

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