Saturday, May 30, 2009

Stun Guns and Self-Defense

Among the most thoughtful first gifts I've ever received from a boyfriend is a stun gun. He thought that since I used to be always out and on the go, having one will keep me safe when he's not around.

But I was too scared of bold electric charges to even put the gadget in my bag. It remained tucked in a box of keepsakes for years.

However, if there's anything else that stuns without use, it's gotta be fright. I keep on hearing stories about helpless women being attacked by thieves and sexual offenders. In fact, last week, the events have literally come closer to home - my second home that is. An officemate is said to have been held up just behind our office building.

So I made a bit of Googling and found A lot of techniques, gadgets and safety/preventive measures can be found in the site. You guys might want to visit.

Click here to read Stun Guns! Is it for you? at

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