Saturday, January 26, 2008


Found these while getting my weekly celeb updates from Perez Hilton.

This was taken during his latest trip to Sierra Leone as a UN Ambassador of Goodwill. Sigh... I'm such a weakling for athletic guys with a heart for the poor.

Here's what David blogged in his official website:

“I’ve just returned from visiting Sierra Leone in Africa as part of my role as
UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador. I was honored to be invited and though I saw many
problems and issues to tackle, I was heartened by the incredible and selfless
work UNICEF and other agencies are doing on the ground to help. I was also
humbled by the people of Sierra Leone who despite the problems they face, keep
smiling and are hopeful for the future. They made me feel extremely welcome in
their country and I will never forget the experience.One in four children die in
Sierra Leone before they reach the age of five and many of the diseases that
children suffer can be prevented. I genuinely hope that by visiting the affected
areas and spending time with some of the people there, it will draw the world’s
attention towards the problems children face not only in Sierra Leone but
similar situations across the world. If you want to make a donation to the
fantastic work that UNICEF does then please
Thank you

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Note/Photo credits: Sorry for the graffitis on the pics. Those were grabbed from Perez Hilton's blog.

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