Friday, January 4, 2008

Britney Paparazzi

Made for Britney supporters, not for her critics.

The latest scoop on Britney.

This time, it involves the paramedics.

Britney was taken away by paramedics and police from her house in Beverly Hills after a custody fight with her former husband, Kevin Federline.

I think Britney really needs psychiatric help. Unlike so many people condemn her for all her attention-getting antics, I completely understand her. The divorce was hard for her. I don't see her as a bitch or as bad person. We've seen what she gave up for Kevin and her kids; for the family that she wanted to raise. As things didn't turn out the way she wanted them to be, Britney's way of coping was not as easy for other people. I'm not putting the blame on media and the paparazzi but I think it's a factor.

Britney is struggling and I believe it's a humane act for everyone to cut her some slack. It's just so sad that so many people are acting as crabs by pulling her down even more!

A twist of events: Britney chases a paparazzo.

We wouldn't know what really happened during that night but hey, it's about time that the paparazzi get a dose of their own medicine.

These are all for now, folks. Watch out for more Britney updates.

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